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Why isn't Chrome updating Template?

Chrome’s update frequency is slightly unpredictable (at least in my eyes) and I’ve found that sometimes it updates my extensions as soon as an update becomes available but I’ve also seen it some extensions not getting updated even when using the browser for hours. However, there is a little-known way (at least to non-developers) to force it to update your extensions;

  • Open the Extensions page via on of the following methods;
    • Main Menu: Tools > Extensions
    • Address Bar: chrome://extensions
    • Right-click Template’s toolbar icon and select "Manage extensions..."
  • Ensure that "Developer mode" in the top right of the page is checked.
  • Click the "Update extensions now" button, et viola!

Your extensions should now be receiving updates (where available) and you may notice some extensions turning off and on again. If an extension requires any additional permissions that you have not already authorized it will not be turned back on until you have granted these permissions.

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